Carrie Chaloner


Carrie Chaloner was born and raised in the Cayman Islands and educated in Cayman, Canada and the UK. Although not a teacher, Carrie has three young children and is passionate about Early Years Education as well as protecting our environment. Combining the two felt natural, so she founded Sprogs Garden Playschool, a nurturing place where kids are encouraged to be kids, as well as young ambassadors of our planet.


Nicola Williams

Director and Head of School

Nicola Williams is currently completing a PhD in education specializing in developmental psychology. She has a degree in early childhood education (ECE), a teaching degree, a master’s degree in educational psychology and a professional qualification in school leadership. She grew up in Canada but has also lived in the Turks and Caicos Islands and Singapore for the past eighteen years working both as a teacher and with the governments of both countries to implement teacher and parent education initiatives in ECE. Nicola is very active in our community serving as Vice-President of the Cayman Islands Early Childhood Association and as a lecturer at the University of the West Indies for their Certificate program in Early Childhood Care and Development. Nicola welcomed the opportunity to become a partner in the founding of the school and developed our Garden Playschool philosophy and approach. A genuine respect and appreciation for young children has motivated her dedication to the field for more than twenty years.


Julia Waitling

Preschool Teacher and Garden Playschool Program Coordinator

Julia Watling was born and raised right here in the Cayman Islands and has a degree in Business Management. She has over six years experience working with young children in early childhood centres and is an early years literacy enthusiast qualified to teach the Jolly Phonics program to young children. Julia is enthusiastic and passionate about caring for young children and sums this up perfectly when she says that she is "enthralled by the wonder of childhood and relishes in the endless opportunities to better understand the magic of children and serve their growth in early years to my utmost abilities" Julia is very passionate and knowledgeable with respect to environmental awareness and will support all of our staff in instilling a respect for and appreciation of nature with our children.

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Milly Thrower

Preschool Teacher and Administrative Coordinator: Milly comes to us from England, having moved to Grand Cayman in 2017.  Milly has a first-class honours degree in Education and over six years experience working with young children.  She has worked in a range of environments with children; including a crèche, a private tuition centre, and both primary and secondary schools. She has extensive knowledge of the British National Curriculum and Early Years Statutory Framework. Milly adores children and takes pride in every aspect of teaching and learning. She is organised, an engaged professional and always happy to help!


Albena Karadzhova

Preschool Lead Teacher: Albena is originally from Bulgaria where she completed Master’s Degrees in both Psychology and Computer Science. She then spent more than eight years in Canada, where she worked with young children and trained as a Montessori Teacher. Albena has been living in the Cayman Islands for the last four years working as a Montessori Teacher with preschool age children. Albena is very caring and respectful towards children and believing that they hold the future, she is passionate about helping them reach their full potential. Albena is also a qualified Hatha yoga teacher and is excited to bring yoga and mindfulness to Sprogs Garden Playschool.


Katie Brown

Senior Toddler Lead Teacher

Katie Brown comes to the Cayman Islands from New Zealand with her husband and son. Katie has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and is a fully registered teacher in New Zealand. She has over 15 years' experience with young children, including over two years' experience working as a teacher at a prestigious early childhood centre in Auckland, New Zealand. She is passionate about teaching and helping children to thrive and achieve their goals in a safe environment. She is looking forward to continuing her educational career as a teacher in the Cayman Islands and chose Sprogs Garden Playschool for both her and her son because she embraces our Garden Playschool approach and brings a wealth of relevant training and experience to share with us.

Breana Welds

Senior Toddler Teacher

Breana was born and raised in the Cayman Islands. She has a two year diploma in Early Childhood Education, received from the Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education in Canada. She is passionate about caring for and educating very young children and is eager to share her expertise and experience both within our school community and with the greater community. Breana strives to be a positive role model to children and enjoys helping them to more focused and most importantly have fun while learning. Her education and experience is very influenced by the idea of emergent curriculum which is a fundamental component of our Garden Playschool philosophy. As such, she likes to plan activities that help her to gain a better understanding of where each child’s unique interests lie.


Jasmine Small

Senior Toddler Practitioner

Jasmine is originally from Jamaica but has been living in the Cayman Islands for eight years. She is the proud parent of one son and her enthusiasm and genuine delight in young children is appreciated by children, teachers and parents alike at our school. She immediately embraced our Garden Playschool Approach and is currently pursuing a Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Development at the University of the West Indies which is delivered in a face-to-face format ideal for enhancing learning in this field of study. We are happy to be supporting her in achieving this educational qualification.


Aisling Sheehan

Junior Toddler Lead Teacher

Aisling comes to us from Cork, Ireland. She is a Montessori trained teacher with experience teaching young children in Ireland, London and Australia where she gained experience using the United Kingdom's Early Years Foundation Stage and Australia's Early Years Learning Framework. She has a passion for travel and shares the knowledge she gained from her international teaching experiences with our school community. She also has a passion for music which we look forward to her sharing with our teachers and children in music and movement activities.


Anmattie Bodden

Junior Toddler Practitioner

Anmattie is originally from Guyanna but has been living in the Cayman Islands for more than 15 years. She has over 20 years of experience caring for young children in early years settings. She enthusiastically embraced our Garden Playschool Approach from her first day with us and has worked diligently over the past year to complete a Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Development at the University of the West Indies. We would like to congratulate Anmattie for excelling in the program and for successfully graduating in December of 2018! We are so pleased to have supported her in achieving this educational qualification.


Marianne Collado

Junior Toddler Teacher

Marianne comes to us all the way from the Philippines. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She also has four years experience working in early year’s centres in the Philippines. She also has numerous professional development courses in early childhood education and development as well as courses about promoting music in educational settings. Marianne is so excited for the opportunity to live and work in the Cayman Islands caring for the children each day!

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Nichola Brown

Junior Toddler Lead Teacher

Nichola comes to us from Jamaica. She lives in the Cayman Islands together with her husband and daughter. She has a Certificate in Early Child Development and a Bachelor of Education degree at the primary level.  Nichola has over twelve years experience teaching and managing primary schools and early years centres. Nichola’s leadership skills combined with her expertise and positive energy have had an enormously positive influence on our school community!

Taryn Thompson

Junior-Junior Toddler Lead Teacher

Taryn Thompson was born and raised in Toronto Canada, where she lived until moving to the Cayman Islands in 2009. Taryn began working within the Early Childhood field in 1998, when she was introduced to the “Playing to Learn” curriculum. With a passion for learning new ways to nurture and stimulate the minds of young children, Taryn found this philosophy of teaching to be a perfect match for her educational ideals. After working with young children for many years, Taryn returned to school to pursue her qualification as an early year’s teacher. She graduated with honors in June 2015 from the Early Childhood Education and Child Development Program at Seneca College in Toronto, Canada and became a certified member of the Ontario College of Early Childhood Educators. She returned to the Cayman Islands several years ago with her husband and two daughters to resume her professional work as a teacher in the early years field.


Carla Wright

Junior-Junior Toddler Practitioner

Originally from the Bay Islands Carla has lived in the Cayman Islands for twenty years. She is the proud mother of four children and grandmother of three children. Carla cares for our youngest children in the infant room. Carla is in the process of working diligently to complete a Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Development at the University of the West Indies which is delivered in a  face to face format ideal for enhancing learning in this field of study. We are happy to be supporting her in achieving this educational qualification.