Play. Learn. Grow.



Sprogs Garden Playschool is proud to offer the “Garden Playschool” approach to early childhood care and education. This approach has been developed by our Head of School, Nicola Williams, in response to her educational and professional experiences around the world over the past twenty-five years. A Garden Playschool offers a progressive and comprehensive approach to early years care and education. In its eclectic philosophy, the approach draws from the most influential theorists in the field such as Piaget, Dewey, Vygotsky and Gardner to the most highly respected early years approaches of Reggio Emilia, Montessori, and High Scope. By not adhering to any single resource or program, this approach can be flexible enough to adapt to the school community while also being free to incorporate the cumulative and most up to date research, theory, and knowledge in relevant fields of study from around the world. This includes incorporating knowledge gained from the Science of Early Child Development - a contemporary field of study that focuses on consolidating research in neuroscience, genetics, medicine, and developmental psychology as it relates to how best to care for and promote the healthy development and well-being of our youngest children.

Taking decades of this theory and research together, the consensus is now clear on three points that form the guiding principles of a Garden Playschool approach: 1) optimal early years care and education supports and encourages a child’s natural desire to understand their world through language, play, hands-on exploration, and authentic interactions with nature, other children and supportive interested adults; 2) programs that provide this have a powerful and lasting impact on the present and future learning and well-being of the child through to adulthood; and 3) the promotion of caring, trusting and supportive relationships with children and families is a critical component of high quality early childhood programs. In addition to ongoing formal and informal communication with parents about each child’s experiences and responses to the program, many opportunities will also be provided to share and discuss the research and theory supporting the Garden Playschool approach with the Sprogs school community.

Sprogs Garden Playschool is a place where your child will thrive and most importantly – be happy!


In a garden playschool, the value of children interacting with, exploring and experiencing nature with their five senses is an integral part of the program philosophy. SGP provides opportunities for children to freely explore nature and to engage in child-initiated and teacher-supported inquiry about the natural world.


 High Quality Program Setting

Small class sizes, spacious rooms and a beautiful garden playground provide a calm, stimulating and richly resourced environment where children can learn, explore and play together!