We have three spacious extensively resourced classrooms for our toddlers and preschoolers and a purposefully designed smaller soft play and perceptual motor soft play room for our youngest Junior Toddlers. Outside, there is a fenced garden with shade trees, sandy areas, grass, astroturf, pathways and wooden decking as well as a variety of climbing apparatus, tire swings, organic veggie gardens to feed the bunnies who hop around the yard and a hand pump for water play. There is also a covered porch with a large ceiling fan for those children who wish to spend some quiet time outdoors reading or resting. Water for the facility (toilets, sinks, showers and hose bibs) will be provided by a well in the garden and a state of the art filtration system. The system removes all impurities from the well water rendering it perfectly potable, however drinking water will be city water passed through a similar filtration system. Solar panels on the Center’s roof will provide sufficient electricity to power the Center.

our facility


We welcome children ages 12 months to 5 years.


7:30am to 5:30pm

class sizes

Junior-Junior Toddler Class: Maximum Group Size of 6 Children

Junior Toddler Class: Maximum Group Size of 16 Children

Senior Toddler Class: Maximum Group Size of 18 Children

Preschool Classes: Maximum Group Size of 20 Children

adult to child ratio

Age range                                

12 to 24 months                                        

24 to 36 months                     

3 to 5 years

Number of staff per child